Full Conference Program


Swiss CTO and Complex PCI Summit 2021

Grüntzig’s Dream: A Journey from POBA to CHIP

Day 1 – Thursday September 23

Session 1 – The Techniques for CTO PCI

Provoker: Paul Knaapen  | Referee: Alexander Geppert  |  Rising star: Vladimir Rubimbura

08.00 hrsWelcome & introduction  |  Daniel Weilenmann – Gregor Leibundgut – Hans Rickli
08.15 hrsAntegrade techniques: just for beginners?  |  Alexander Nap
08.30 hrs  Live Case 1 from Bad Krozingen (Germany)

Operators: Kambis Mashayekhi & Mohamed Ayoub  |  Sponsors: SIS Medical & Terumo

 Live Case 2 from St. Gallen (Switzerland)

Operators: Daniel Weilenmann & Johannes Rigger  |  Sponsor: OrbusNeich

Retrograde techniques: a lot to understand  |  Patrick Siegrist
Wires and micros: demystifying the material  |  Gregor Leibundgut
 Case in the Box 1 – Antegrade CTO PCI  |  Oliver Gämperli
Case in the Box 2 – CTO: Complex antegrade fenestration and re-entry   |  Mauro Carlino
10.30 hrs Coffee break & visit of the exhibition

Session 2 – Hemodynamic issues and complete Revascularization

Provoker: Gabor Sütsch  |  Referee: Oliver Gämperli  | Rising star: Florian Riede

11.00 hrs  Time for live cases 1 & 2
Complete Revascularization 2021: just a hype?  |  Stefan Blöchlinger
The pulmonary circulation in CHIP patients: the forgotten kid?  |  Micha T. Maeder
 Case in the Box 3 – CTO and hemodynamic support   |  Florim Cuculi
 Case in the Box 4 – Retrograde CTO via epicardial collateral   |  Peter Dietrich
12.30 hrs Lunch & visit of the exhibition

Session 3 – Imaging and Physiology

Provoker: Masahisha Yamane  |  Referee: João Brum   | Rising star: Peter Dietrich

13.30 hrs  Live Case 3 from St. Gallen (Switzerland)

Operators: Alexandre Avran & Benjamin Faurie  |  Sponsor: Biotronik

 Live Case 4 from Atlanta (USA)

Operators: Stéphane Rinfret & William Lombardi  |  Sponsors: Boston Scientific & Teleflex

Moderation Intravascular Imaging: Akiko Maehara
Intravascular imaging: know your enemy and define good goals  |  Akiko Maehara  
Coronary Physiology and revascularization: FFR, CFR and Co?  |  Tim Schäufele
Left main PCI 2021: never without imaging?  |  Andrea Gagnor
16.00 hrs Coffee break & visit of the exhibition

Session 4 – Complex PCI and special conditions

Provoker: Alexander Nap  |  Referee: Heinz Joachim Büttner  | Rising star: Johannes Rigger

16.30 hrsDCB in CTO and Complex PCI – ready for prime time?  |  Nathalie Noirclerc
Dealing the subintimal space: how to realize the re-entry  |  Ricardo Santiago  
MVD and TAVI: when to plan the PCI?  |  Stephane Noble
 Case in the Box 5 – ADR CTO PCI   |  João Tinoco
 Case in the Box 6 – Retrograde CTO PCI   |   Alexandre Schaan de Quadros  
18.00 hrsWrap up & Information  |  Gregor Leibundgut
19.00 hrs Drinks @ Restaurant Lagerhaus
19.30 hrs Dinner @ Restaurant Lagerhaus

Day 2 – Friday September 24

Session 5 – Access and special tools for complex PCI

Provoker: Kambis Mashayekhi  | Referee: Tim Schäufele  |  Rising star: Nathalie Noirclerc

08.00 hrsGood morning and beginning of day 2  |  Gregor Leibundgut
Dealing with large bore accesses  |  Lucas Jörg
08.30 hrs  Live Case 5 from St. Gallen (Switzerland)

Operators: Paul Knaapen & Alexander Nap  |  Sponsor: ASAHI/Vascular Medical

 Live Case 6 from Belfast (North Ireland)

Operators: Simon Walsh & Colm Hanratty  |  Sponsor: Boston Scientific

Access for complex PCI: radial beats it all  |  Gabriele Gasparini   
Minimalistic Approach for CTO PCI: a new standard in 2021?  |  Pierfrancesco Agostoni
Mechanical Atherectomy: indications and techniques  |  Yoshifumi Kashima  
10.30 hrs Coffee break & visit of the exhibition

Session 6 – Imaging and special tools for complex PCI

Provoker: Alexandre Avran  | Referee: Maksymilian Opolski  | Rising star: Michael Behnes

11.00 hrsContemporary plaque-modification: an ever-changing algorithm?  |  Margaret McEntegart  
IVL: Just a hype or a tool you need on your shelf?  |  James Spratt  
 Case in the Box 7 – Imaging and complex PCI   |  Maksymilian Opolski
 Case in the Box 8 – Complex CTO-PCI and IVL  |   Vladimir Rubimbura
12.00 hrs Lunch & visit of the exhibition

Session 7 – Tips and tricks for complex PCI

Provoker: Eric Eeckhout | Referee: Rainer Zbinden  |  Rising star: Alex Achim

13.00 hrs  Live Case 7 from St. Gallen (Switzerland)

Operators: Alfredo Galassi & João Brum  |  Sponsor: B. Braun Medical

 Live Case 8 from Liestal (Switzerland)

Operators: Gregor Leibundgut & Heinz Joachim Büttner  |  Sponsor: Abbott/Shockwave

Moderation Intravascular Imaging: Akiko Maehara
Guide extensions: how to use  |  Johannes Rigger
Dual lumen micro: how to use  |  Gregor Fahrni
15.00 hrs Coffee break & visit of the exhibition
Dealing with complications: from prevention to therapy  |  Breno Falcão  
 Case in the Box 9 – CTO PCI: dealing with a complication  |  Lucio Padilla  
 Case in the Box 10 – CTO PCI and intracoronary Laser-Therapy  |   Marcelo Harada  
16.30 hrsAnd the winner is… best case in the box  |  Hans Rickli 
16.45 hrsWrap up & end of the congress  |  Daniel Weilenmann